I’m Belinda (WanQi) Jin. I am a self-directed instructional Designer and Graphic/Web Designer with strong interests in creative, digital illustrations, human-centered design, learning design, and learning technologies. Over five years of experience working as a Learning Technologist, Instructional Designer, Researcher in a variety of post-secondary institutions including Simon Fraser University, Brighton College, CDI College, VanArts College, and West Western Maritime Institute. 

I grew up in China and spent few years in Communication Media study at SFU before studying Educational Technology. I graduated from Simon Fraser University Education Master Program, a specialization in Educational Technology and Learning Design. Studies in both Communications and Education program have trained me well to work in both small and large teams collaboratively and be confident in multitasks. I strongly believe that good design happens when it is designed with the user’s experience in mind while conveying a relatable story through a simple design approach. I look forward to and excited to use my both learning and multimedia design knowledge and the ability to create new experiences in the educational field. My favorite quote is “what you like becomes what you are good at”.

My interests are to find a company that I can work with long-term and make great things out of the skills that I’ve practiced at the University. I enjoy working with a team to develop and improve myself. Explore some of the projects that I have had the pleasure of taking part in my academic studies at Simon Fraser University.

What I can offer:

Education Field

Content Interests: Instructional Design, Blended Learning,  e-Learning (MOOCs), Online Learning, Peer Review, Early Childhood Education, Adult Learning, Quality Matters course reviews, Needs Analysis, Evaluation
Design Interests: Educational Technology Design, Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Learning Management System Design (LMS), Multimedia Design, Video Production
Strongest skills and experiences: 5+ years of working in the Education Industry,  5+year of studying educational technology and learning theories; in addition, developing projects and prototypes. Experience doing research, writing/ editing,  5+ years of work as an early childhood educator, Skilled and certified in the use and application of a variety of learning technology tools and learning management systems including Canvas, Moodle, Adobe Captivate Prime, and ShiftIQ.

You can also check out my Educational Learn Designs at my online portfolio to see more: https://belindajin.com/project-type/learning-design/

Design Field

Content Interests: User Experiences and User Interfaces
Design Interests: Graphics/ Web Design/ Game Design/ Video productions
Some skills and experiences with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, AfterEffects, Final pro, Adobe Acrobat, Prezi, WordPress, Sketch, HTML/CSS.

You can also check out my other projects at my online portfolio to see more: https://belindajin.com/project-type/design-portfolio/