An innovative and interactive blended learning program focusing on cultivating skilled newcomers’ essential workplace competencies (interpersonal, communication and soft skills). ASCEND uses a strengths-based approach that integrates online and face to face learning to support the employment readiness of newcomers and help BC employers recruit, hire and integrate immigrant talent. More Information:

During my time at the Immigrant Employment Council of BC from 2019 to 2021, I played a key role in creating a unique learning program called ASCEND. ASCEND is all about boosting essential workplace skills like communication, interpersonal interactions, and soft skills. We take a strengths-based approach, blending online learning with in-person workshops to better prepare newcomers for employment. ASCEND isn’t just a program; it’s a tool that helps BC employers find, hire, and integrate immigrant talent.

I led the design of ASCEND using the ADDIE model, ensuring a well-organized and effective learning process. With seven online modules paired with face-to-face workshops, ASCEND offers a complete learning experience. The program is available in both English and French, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of language preference.

To get a quick look at what ASCEND is all about, check out the demo video, the ASCEND Mobile App, and the informative rack card—all created during my time at IECBC. These materials give you a sneak peek into the program’s structure, content, and overall goals. For more detailed information, visit the ASCEND

ASCEND Program Demo

ASCEND Mobile App