I played a significant role during the pandemic as a learning consultant at Western Maritime Institute, focusing on designing online courses to address the emergent needs of the COVID crisis. Western Maritime Institute has a vital mission of providing marine training across urban and rural locations in British Columbia and Canada, adhering to the accreditation training standards set by Transport Canada and Industry Canada for the fishing, commercial, and recreational marine industry. One notable project was the conversion of the Electronic Positioning Systems (EPS) course, originally taught by Instructor Kevin Monahan, into an online format. In collaboration with Kevin, I worked as an instructional designer to make EPS the institute’s first marine course available online.

The EPS course, designed to equip students with the knowledge, principles, and skills for the correct operation of navigational equipment, holds approval from the Private Training Institutions Branch of BC. This recognition emphasizes the course’s adherence to high educational standards. Notably, this initiative marked a significant milestone as the First Online Marine Course in Canada, delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). This technological advancement not only met the immediate needs of the pandemic but also set a precedent for the integration of online learning in the maritime education landscape. Understanding the unique circumstances of participants, the course was structured as an online synchronous experience via Zoom. This innovative approach allowed students to access learning materials and engage in activities through the Learning Management System Canvas. Notably, the final examination took place in an online synchronous session via Zoom, aligning with the requirements set by Transport Canada. Being part of this project was an enriching experience, and it underscored the adaptability and resilience needed to ensure continued education during challenging times.

Due to a licensing issue, the document below displays the course syllabus, including the course objectives, grading criteria, and weekly topics.