Business Bad News Letter : Silent Watch Victim Advertising Inflatable Inc.

By February 8, 2015Blog

June 3, 2013


Mr. Iarod Harkington
267 Hale Avenue
Peterborough, ON, K9J 7B1


Dear Mr. Harkington:


You Request For You Payment


Thanks for letting us know about your request regarding the reinstatement of your payment. We agree that you are a hard worker, but we also learned that you did surf the internet a lot during your work hours. The decision for paying you a low salary is based on our computer statistics.


For your information, I sent you a memo before which explained about limitations on computer usage: you can only use your computer for work purposes. Furthermore, because the computer equipment belongs to Advertising Inflatable, it is reasonable and legal to record and track all the information on them. I believe your wage is fair according to the record of your computer.


Conversely, if you spend plenty of time working, your accomplishments will be automatically sent to us, which will result in a higher payment. The outcome of your work and your income will be proportional. In a nutshell, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied if you work harder in the future. Since you did many things unrelated to your job, we are sorry to say your current demand for reinstatement of your payment has been declined.


At last, thanks a lot for mentioning our computer system. It reminded me to inform everyone about the facts. I am looking forward to seeing your improved performance in the coming days. We have faith in you. Good luck!






Belinda Jin
Manager of Human Resources Department