This internship at the SFU Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) involves working with Robyn Schell and Lynda Williams under the guidance of Kevin O’Neill to develop a short blended workshop for instructors on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to serve their educational goals. This workshop involves introducing and differentiating the types of “MOOCs” for the instructors, and teaching instructors how to identify when using a MOOC is desired and attainable. My roles will be to (a) create a literature review, (b) conduct an environmental scan to find some existing MOOC examples deployed at the post-secondary level, and (c) create lesson plan for a workshop focusing on implementing/integrating MOOCs as an online resource in a blended course.

This project is useful to me because it offers opportunities to apply what I have learnt from my ETLD classes in a real learning context and gain practical and extremely valuable experience that will support my future career goals. The development of MOOCs has attracted public attention since 2008 and has the potential to provide a venue for delivering high-quality education. Massive, open, online courses, have become popular in many settings in education and beyond. Many researchers, teachers and universities utilize MOOCs in their traditional classroom settings to support face-to-face (F2F) learning experiences in a blended format. I am looking forward to gaining the experience of creating a workshop that will look at how to implement MOOCs in a real learning context and the opportunities that MOOCs can bring to F2F learning. This project will also allow me strengthen my knowledge of MOOCs gained while working as a research assistant for Alyssa Wise.

Final Lesson Plan