It’s never to early to introduce left brain learning and right brain learning into a children’s life. Reggio inspired and Montessori based activities can be presented to children as young as 12 months. In what Mari Montessori called sensitive periods,  babies grow and develop rapidly needing as much freedom as possible for movement and becoming increasingly Independent and self-confident kids.  In this lesson, we use the infant program initiates hands-on learning for our babies in order to precipitate movement language order and development of senses in the right brain environment.

During an activity called marble painting, the children are learning how to follow directions and distinguish their belongings from others. As they grasp the containers and shake them to create movement from the marbles inside, they are practicing their fine motor skills.  The end result is an array of unique artwork that the children made themselves.

Fine motor skills are also being practiced in the left – brain environment here at the sensory table. As the children explore the materials in front of them, they are experiencing and comparing cold and warm temperatures and identifying different colours these simple activities provide many learning possibilities and help to facilitate whole child development well before the preschool age and most importantly the babies are happy and having fun.