COM270B Advanced Document Design is one of the courses in Office Administration and Technology Diploma. This program is delivered in a blended format and is run on an intermittent intake model. Students have the option of completing the program either on a fulltime (F/T) or part-time (P/T) schedule.

To participate in this course, students are expected to have the technical skills to navigate the Canvas LMS, download and install software, create and work on files in Microsoft Word, and utilize the online conferencing software. If students feel that they do not meet these minimum technical skills required, you should please contact their instructor.

To complete this course, students will complete four modules. Each module is divided into the following 3 phases:

  • Online: The preliminary online component, which you must complete before attending the classroom session.
  • In Class: The classroom component, which you will complete by attending class on campus.
  • Online – Module Wrap-up: The online conclusionary component, which they should complete after they attend the classroom session.

Each chapter requires a variety of standard tasks to complete.

Classroom Section

For each classroom session to representing students’ attendance and participation there. 10 points are automatically awarded for attending class, and up to 15 additional points can be earned through engagement and active participation (e.g. asking questions, participating in discussions, hands on training for the software, and contributing to group work). On the Classroom Session Canvas page, students can:

  • View the date and starting time of the classroom session
  • View the classroom session’s schedule/activities list

They are expected to have completed the readings and online lessons for each chapter in the module before you come into class. By doing so, They will be ready to fully engage with the material in discussions, demos, and various hands-on activities with their peers.

Finally, after attending the classroom session, you will wrap-up your study of the entire module by completing several additional tasks online.

Online Section

The instructor will deliver a 30-minute lecture/PowerPoint presentation on each chapter, highlighting important knowledge areas and sharing real-world examples that bring important concepts to life. These lectures are delivered online using Canvas Conferences. Students can either attend these sessions live (which will give you the opportunity to ask questions at the end), or watch a recording of the conference after the live session has been concluded.

If students want to attend these sessions live, be sure to pay attention to the time and date posted on the discussion page. They will also receive an email inviting them to the online lesson/reminding you when it is about to begin.

After completing the lecture, to secure their attendance/participation points they must make a short post in the Online Lesson discussion page. This post will let their instructor know what questions or topics of interest they would like elaborated upon during the on-campus classroom session.

Online – Module Wrap – up

This section has two parts, Module Quizzes, and Assignments.

Module Quiz – Each module will direct you to take an online quiz. Each quiz will contain multiple choice questions, worth one point each. These quizzes will cover content from the reading and videos you just watched for this class. These quizzes are a part of students’ online attendance/participation grade and are meant to help you self-evaluate their current understanding of the module before moving forward. Students will have the option to retake these quizzes as many times as they’d like if they are unsatisfied with your score (however be aware that they may get a new set question if they choose to retake the quiz).


Assignments – The assignment will be individual assignment based on In Class session technical training. Read the instructions carefully before students complete the assignment and submit the requested files or information.

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